Pick A Card

by Jon Spanyol

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released December 12, 2011

All lyrics and music written, performed and produced by Jon Spanyol, with the exception of:

Cem Andre - drums (www.londonsessiondrummer.co.uk)
Simon Art Taylor - bass
Joe Rodwell - trumpets
Marc Weber - guitars

Mastered by Jon Astley (www.closetotheedge.biz)
Drums recorded by Craig Reynolds at WizardSound
Cover Photo by Tom Price (tomalprice.com)




all rights reserved


Jon Spanyol London

Jon Spanyol is an award winning multi-instrumentalist songwriter and producer based in North London. He has been compared to artists such as Maroon 5 and Ben Folds with his smooth blend of piano-driven pop lines and groovy funk licks. Shortly after the release of his debut EP, he had airplay on BBC Radio, headlined London Twestival and was featured in Sound on Sound magazine. ... more

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Track Name: Pick A Card
Variety is the spice of life, or so they say to me
Anxiety is the Devil’s knife that cuts through harmony
Your risk could send you plummeting into a dark ravine
Or it could be the best thing that your life has ever seen
You will never know until you try

I don’t wanna have to live my life in doubt
I need to go and find out what it’s all about
You have to take my word for it although
I never know when to say no

So pick a card for me, any card, and see what chance will show
Just roll the die, luck will never lie, and the magic will never go
The joker in the pack may rise to shatter all your dreams
But know one day, your card will play amongst the Kings and Queens
You will never know until you try
Track Name: Ignorance Is Bliss
Some people say that I am simple
Some people question if I’m there
Others might argue that my mind is somewhere else
But they can’t seem to work out where
The fact is, I’m not Sir Isaac Newton
My logic is often hit or miss
But sometimes it’s better to be in a different world
The fact is, that ignorance is bliss

What have you learned?
The jury’s out and the case adjourned
My common sense was given life without parole
I may be slow, but the trial will show
I’m in control, in control

I may not be down with Geoffrey Chaucer
Your ridicule only makes it worse
Your comments I will choose to ignore, sir
Even if your insults come to me in verse
In fairness, it takes a lot of bottle
To put up your hands and just say this:
“I know nothing much of Aristotle, but I know
The fact is, that ignorance is bliss”

If knowledge is power, I’m as weak as can be
Track Name: Carried Away
You have some cheek, you have some nerve, to think this is what I deserve
You grab my arm and say to me, that I’m not welcome in Paris
You take my drink you take my pride
Still you know that deep inside
You hide your insecurity with heavy-handed bigotry

You’re getting carried, you’re getting carried
You’re getting carried away
And so am I, as you throw me to the street
With no rhyme nor reason

Oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please
Just let me go and get my keys
Although I am not welcome here, I need them to forge a career
You know you’re not all that hirsute and have no common sense to boot
But boot me out is what you did, so farewell to you I will bid

Let me in, why won’t you let me in?
Track Name: Only Human
You’re looking for perfection, but it’s nowhere to be found
You’re heading in the right direction, then you’re falling to the ground
You’re searching for the answers, but the questions never go
You’re seeking bits of knowledge that you’ll never truly know
You’ve got to learn that it’s alright
You’ve got to learn to let it go

It’s only human
There’s nothing you can do to stop it intervening
Without it there’s no meaning to your life
It’s human to make mistakes and stumble
To trip and take a tumble
And laugh about it as you hit the ground

You’re trying to be a better person, but your efforts are ignored
You try to entertain us, but your audience is bored
You jump through every hoop there is to try and get applause
But really you’re just fighting for a desperate cause
Track Name: Running Out Of Time
You had it all, you had it made
Victorious in every game that you played
You had it all, you had to choose
You had it all, it all to lose
You watch the clock, the clock won’t lie
The minutes pass you by
The seconds turn to days and you

You’re running out of time
You’re running out of steam
You’re living in a fairy tale
You’re living in a dream
You’re running out of luck
You’ve lost that magic touch
You’ll find out when you wake
You’ve taken on much more than you can take
You’re running out of time

The seasons pass, the years fly by
But nothing changes but the sky you watch to pass the time
The clouds will gather, then they’ll go
But the rain won’t wash away
The better days you used to know
There’s nothing left, you’re left alone
The minutes pass you by
The days they turn to weeks and you

You’re running out of time
You’re running out of steam
You’re living in a fairy tale
You’re living in a dream
You’re running out of luck
You’ve lost that magic touch
You’ll find out when you wake
You’ve taken on much more than you can take
You’re running out of time

The time goes on and on
And on, and on, and on
And on and on
Don’t let it slip away or it might be too late
Track Name: Hyperactive Hypochondriac
I’m trying to sleep tonight but I can’t seem to get it right
And that’s for sure
My mind floats like a bubble, my vision weak and seeing double
My feet feel heavy on the floor
No matter how hard I try, I worry, worry all the time
If this is hell, then hell itself is better
Thoughts keep going ‘round my head
I can’t switch off; my mind is full of dread
Please let me out of here

Won’t someone help me, I’m in pain
I’m feeling tired but I can’t rest my brain
Thoughts keep going ‘round my mind
I think about it as I fall
The writing’s clearly on the wall in white and black
I’m a hyperactive hypochondriac

Insomnia release me, your grip it will decease me
If you don’t disappear
Is it just confusion, or paranoid delusion
That hits me with such fear?
I’ve got a pain now in my chest
It feels like cardiac arrest
But really I just need to carry on
My ears are ringing with the sound
Of paranoia screaming all around
Be gone, my friend, be gone!
Track Name: Arguments
There are things I need to tell you
There are truths that you should know
When you lie about the very facts of life
I have to go
Your moods are unpredictable
Your reason is barely there
Your logic’s contradictable
Your equality is unfair

How can we argue when I’m in the right?
How are we meant to get along?
When you’re clearly the victim of a pointless fight
You’re clearly the one who’s wrong

We contradict ourselves for hours
Too stubborn to admit we’ve lost
Determined that we’ll be the ones to win this war
At any cost
Our shallow single-mindedness
Won’t get us anywhere
We’re both so hypocritical, but sadly we don’t care

Let’s look at things from another point of view
You look at me and I’ll look at you
We’re both the same
We’re both to blame
Track Name: Not The Only One
Trapped inside, uninspired
Somehow this life transpired
I don’t know and I don’t care
Take me away anywhere
Set me free, cut me loose
From motivational abuse
If this is how it’s meant to be
My sanity is in jeopardy

Something’s got a hold on me
I don’t know what I can do to set myself free
I know I’m not the only one
If freedom is worth fighting for
Then I don’t know if I can take this any more
I know I’m not the only one

Staring at the sun outside
I don’t know what I should do
But I know if I was free
I’d like to spend my time with you
Run for your life, run for the hills
Far from where the boredom kills
Everyone who’s in its way
Today is just like yesterday
Track Name: Poor, Poor You
In for a penny, in for a pound
Money makes the world go ‘round
How is it still spinning every day?
A penny saved is a penny earned
Somehow all our cash is burned
People they don’t need it anyway
There’s something to be said, it seems
For living life within our means
People just don’t seem to have a clue
We find new things to splash our cash on
Like it’s going out of fashion
Money talks but poverty does too

Poor, poor you and poor, poor me
We’re paying for our apathy
Poor, poor you and poor, poor me

Money’s going down the drain
All the pain without the gain
Maybe I should get a 9 to 5
What a way to earn a living
Life is hard and unforgiving
But we have to learn to stay alive
We have to face reality
Wealth is no formality
Everyone has tough times in their past
Money doesn’t grow on trees
The cash cow is imaginary
So we have to make the pennies last
Track Name: The Light
The more I learn, the more I have to think about
My thoughts return, I’ll have to live with or without
The rain has passed, arranging changes in my mood
Until at last a sense of comfort is renewed
Try as I might, I can’t stop being blinded by the light
The morning sun resplendent in your eyes
When day is done, the day’s the only thing that dies
The winter nights are drawing in so fast
I long for summer days, a recollection of my past
Try as I might, I can’t stop being blinded by the light

Let’s sail up to the sky
We have nothing to lose, we have just you and I
You and I

The night may fall, but still the stars illuminate
Our path for all to see and all to contemplate
Which way we go is of no real consequence
But you should know what each direction represents